Travelling brings us closer to nature. The wilderness of the forest tugs at the heartstrings like few other experiences in life can. The intense agility of wild animals is matched only by their beauteous colours and patterns. The rich foliage of towering trees and vivid flowers against a clear, blue sky reflect Mother Nature in all her full glory.

Wildlife takes you on a journey of discovery of the fascinating flora and fauna in India. Come and learn exciting facts about wildlife and nature accompanied by breath-taking images of nature at its finest. A walk on the wild side indeed…


The Barasingha { Rucervus duvaucelii } is best known for their antlers, which commonly have 10 to 14 tines, however, some Swamp Deer have been […]

17 Feb 2018

The very large, spatulate bill is the most distinguishing feature of the aptly named Northern Shoveler. Northern Shovelers rarely tip up, but filter mud through […]

17 Feb 2018

Yellow Throated Marten is also known as Kharza, its a asian species which is widely distributed and because of which they have quite a stable […]

17 Feb 2018

Asian palm civet also known as Toddy Cat is covered with dark grey, coarse fur. It has black markings on the feet, ears, muzzle and […]

17 Feb 2018